For Africa

Vuzo is a premium API built to embed fully compliant payroll
into software platforms and staffing software
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Choose Your Own

Our APIs can be embedded into your product or provided standalone with a simple UI.
You can choose to embed a ready API into your own custom interface or use it as a standalone platform where your customers can onboard their employees, pay them, and file pension and tax.

How It Works

We partner with software providers to build and scale payroll systems that reduce payroll costs and improve efficiency and compliance.
In a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost, you can build world-class payroll into your product to fully complete your service offering.

Why Vuzo?


Build Faster

Build and scale faster with our API-first payroll platform, managed services, and support.  You can build the front-end experience for your customers. We run the back end. Layer your company products on top of world-class payroll. We have built Africa’s most robust payroll so that you don’t have to. Embed payroll, compliance, and benefits into your product via one single API.


Improve customer engagement

Improve customer engagement and lifetime value. Your customers want all their data in one place – get rid of manual workflows by providing them with efficient payroll from within your systems.


Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business, and let Vuzo do the boring and repetitive work. Our team has over 12 years of experience building payroll automation solutions for Africa. Let’s provide you with efficient payroll so that you can focus on building your exciting business.

Payroll for Africans,
built by Africans

Africa is the world’s biggest growth opportunity. 600 millions jobs will be created on the continent over the next 15 years. We have built the continent’s most robust and complete payroll engine so that we can pay and manage this population without hassle. Leverage Vuzo’s technology to build the best products on our continent.

Who is Vuzo For